Customer Protection

Although AmeerTech is constantly updated with the latest fraud and scam information, it is important that you, as a customer, are also alert and in the know. Here is some vital information that all our customers should take note of so that you can better protect yourself against fraudsters.

Be wary of:

  • Offers that are too good to be true
  • Winning the bid for an online auction and the seller requests payment only by money transfer
  • News that you won a lottery or lucky draw prize, and that you might have to pay taxes or handling fees before the winnings will be transferred to your account
  • A person that responds to your advertisement (regarding a lost item), making claims that they have found what you lost and would like to claim the reward or shipping costs.
  • When you have made a sale and the cheque you receive is more than the sale amount. You are then requested to send back the excess amount via money transfer services.
  • When you are offered a loan (with good rates) but must first make payments on any fees or initial instalments by money transfer.
  • When you receive a call from anyone claiming to be a government agent or hospital employee asking for money for bail or for the medical treatment of a loved one.

Ensure that:

  • You know the person that you are sending money to.
  • You are making a purchase from a trusted source.
  • You try to avoid paying for online auctions via money transfer.
  • You exercise extra caution when buying or selling expensive goods to and from someone outside the country.
  • You do not take part in any transactions on behalf of someone else especially when you are told how you should respond to questions asked by staff of AmeerTech.
  • You contact the police immediately if you think you are being cheated.

To learn more about these illicit activities, you may wish to find out more through searches on the internet, newspaper articles and information provided by law enforcement agencies and relevant authorities. Some useful links are provided below