Money, fees and payment

How can I receive my money in the destination country?
AmeerTech has a variety of different distribution methods available in different countries. Unfortunately not all methods can be offered in all countries, however we do our best to offer as many options and as much choice as we can for all our customers.

Bank Transfer: AmeerTech will arrange for your funds to be credited to the designated bank account in the destination country.

Door-to-Door: AmeerTech will arrange to have your funds delivered to the door and handed to your beneficiary. You will need to specify your beneficiary's details and ensure they can correctly identify themselves (with a valid photo ID, passport and government ID cards) to the courier for security reasons.

Cash Pick-Up: AmeerTech can arrange to have your funds available for collection through one of our collection banks and agents. You will need to specify your beneficiary details and ensure they can correctly identify themselves (with a valid photo ID, passport and government ID cards) at the point of collection for security reasons.

How do your fees compare with a standard telegraphic transfer?
Unlike most banks that charge both a service fee and a percentage fee based on the amount you send, AmeerTech charges a one-off low, flat fee regardless of your transaction amount.

Are there any deductions in the destination country when using AmeerTech?
For Cash Pick-Up, the only fee charged is upfront at the point of transaction. For bank transfers, there are usually no deductions. Some receiving banks may impose small fees on the beneficiaries.

How is sending money with AmeerTech different to sending money with a bank?
A bank is a generalist financial provider. They provide account services, loans, mortgages, bank assurance, credit cards and a range of other services. AmeerTech is a licensed remittance specialist. International payments are all we do so we make sure we do them well. That results in lower costs, better exchange rates, more delivery channels and generally faster delivery times than the banks can offer. Being licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore also provides you with security knowing that your transaction and funds are safe with us.

How can I pay for my transaction?
You can make a payment to AmeerTech by cash or NETS at any of our branches.

Do you have a minimum or maximum amount I can send?
There is no minimum amount that you can send, however in the case of larger transaction amounts we may be able to offer a better exchange rate. Contact our customer service team if you are interested in our customized services.

Please note that in the case of larger sums remitted to certain countries, you may be required to provide additional information and or documents, regarding your remittance transaction. This is in accordance to the guidelines set by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (and most foreign regulatory authorities), to prevent money laundering and combating terrorist financing. AmeerTech reserves the right to reject any transaction that contradicts our anti-money laundering policy (AML).

What countries can I send money between?
At AmeerTech, we are able to assist you to send money to almost any country in the world. We currently have approximately 190 countries in our list, so please feel free to contact us to find out if we are able to send to your destination as well as the latest rates transaction and exchange rates.

How can I track my money?
For MoneyGram service, if you have requested for updates via fax, SMS or email, you and/or your beneficiary will be notified on completion of the payment.

For Bank transfers you would need to log in to your bank's internet banking services or check with your local bank. However if we get a reply from the bank regarding your transfer, we will contact you with the contact number that you have provided.

How does AmeerTech offer competitive exchange rates?
AmeerTech's rates are based on world currency markets, which are updated daily. We consistently strive to offer a better alternative to banks and other remittance agencies.

Safety and security

How safe & secure are transactions done by AmeerTech?
With over 13 years in the industry, AmeerTech offers both retail currency exchange and money transfer services. AmeerTech is selective in its choice of business partners, choosing to deal only with reputable companies authorised by the relevant local authorities. This minimizes the risk of legal violation to protect ourselves and our customers' interests. Through our various business partners, AmeerTech is able to provide a total solution for money transfers and currency exchange services.

A stranger has requested that I send some money through money transfer service, is this safe?
For example:
You have been told that you just won a lottery prize.
You have been offered an amazing deal (or won a online auction) and the seller only accepts money transfer. You received a call from a person that claims to be from a government agency or hospital, asking for money for bail, or treatment of a loved one, but payment only to be made by money transfer.

If you are about to send money to a person or company you do not know well, you may wish to read up on our page on Customer Protection.

Setting up an account with AmeerTech

What information and identity documents must I provide?
Before you can send money, AmeerTech needs to meet you to register in person at any of our branches. This is part of the Know Your Customer process required by local Monetary Authority regulations and need only be done once.

At registration, we need to see your valid identity documents (must contain photo identification); either an IC card, passport or for those working in Singapore, your work permit card. You would then need to provide us with your particulars such as, full name, contact number, address, date-of-birth and ID number. We require these particulars also for verification purposes should we need to contact you over the phone or otherwise.

All information provided will be kept strictly confidential.

Corporate service
Can companies use AmeerTech?

Yes, we have many business customers that use our customized services. If you would like more information please feel free to contact us.

Service times
What are your service times?

For our branch opening hours, click here.

All transactions with us are processed within the same day. However, it is important that you are aware of the public holidays in Singapore as well as at your destination country, both of which may increase the time taken for the remittance order to be processed and completed.

Who is AmeerTech?
For more information on the company, see About Us

What is AmeerTech's stance on fraudulent activity, money laundering and combating the financing of terrorists.
AmeerTech is compliant with all regulations and guidelines set up by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to prevent any of the above-mentioned activities. Having been in the industry for over 13 years, AmeerTech constantly develops and enforces policies against fraudulent, money laundering and the financing of terrorists activities.

Frauds & Scams

What are the common frauds I should take note of?
For information on some of the common frauds and scams, click here.

Some one claiming to be from AmeerTech has sent me an email, how do I confirm this?
If you have received an e-mail from anyone claiming to be from AmeerTech and you are unsure about it, do not click on any links in the mail or download any files. This may be a "phishing" attempt to acquire sensitive information from you. Immediately forward the suspicious mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

AmeerTech will never send you e-mails to ask for your user ID, password, or credit card details.

What can I do if I suspect fraud or am a victim of fraud?
Contact the police about any suspicious of a telephone, mail, or e-mail solicitation.

If you received any suspicious contact by anyone claiming to be from AmeerTech, please call us immediately at +65 6252 7757 or +65 6297 7707 or email at us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it